• Detailed site analysis to evaluate any non-statutory site influences such as climatic impacts, view corridors, privacy provisions, and existing site conditions.
  • Generate concept 3D models based on the planning and development criteria to test a variety of different development mixes, allowing for refinement of the feasibility to determine the highest and best use for the site.
  • Consideration given to the circulation space required for vehicular and pedestrian access, services reticulation within the site / building to establish the net design efficiency of the building limiting non-saleable floor area where possible to maximise yield.
  • Reviewing existing Development Approvals and make recommendations on design changes that could be made to improve the product.
  • Advise on the architectural services required by the developer and assist in the formulation of a detailed design brief outlining these services.
  • Assistance in assessment of the fee submissions received by Architects, and recommendations on the appointment of the Principal Project Architect.