Concierge Architecture - The developer's perfect design partner.

Service: Pre-Design Concierge Architecture

Project: The Noosa Sanctuary (Noosa RACV Resort), Noosa Heads

Arguably the most common challenge faced by developers is achieving the best design for the most saleable product, within the many financial and planning constraints of the project. Enter Concierge Architecture – Lea Design Studio’s comprehensive design management service, working with developers to provide optimal design solutions. Underpinned by 30 years of architectural and development experience, we provide extensive specialist, complementary design services, split across three key project stages of pre-design, design and post-design.  Our unique Concierge Architecture concept considers the developer’s complex financial, planning and marketing needs, with a firm focus on design integrity for the best product and profit outcome.


Considering the acquisition of a 9-hectare site in Noosa with an existing development approval (DA), Lea Design Studio was engaged by the developers at a pre-design stage in a design management capacity. The $210M project incorporating 149 residences and resort central facilities, certainly came with its challenges. A long and protracted legal battle had preceded obtaining the existing DA which included tight environmental constraints due to a sensitive wetland location and an out-dated “Tuscan” design theme, to name a few. Facing very little leeway for change, we worked to produce optimal design outcomes within exceptionally tight parameters. We successfully presented to local council an alternative modern coastal design aesthetic more appropriate for Noosa. Our extensive review of the DA revealed a mismatch of the unit sizes for the market needs but following our detailed evaluation of each individual floor plan, we resized the project, while retaining design integrity and marketability. The results? Reduced construction budget, improved project feasibility and a strong, saleable and viable product.


Lea Design Studio is the developer’s perfect partner. Our pre-design services are undertaken before engaging the principal architect, promising flexibility before commitment. Our valuable architectural and development experience informs the design management process. We develop comprehensive architectural briefs for the engagement of the principal project architect. Our unique skill set complements developer and project teams and our collaborative, solution-focussed approach ensures product viability and optimal design outcomes.



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