Choosing the right architect

Why use an architect?

Put simply, an architect is a professional who is suitably qualified to design, document and oversee the construction of the built environment that we live within.

When it comes to the delicate journey of designing your own project and bringing your vision to life, an architect is more than just a designer – an architect is your partner.

So, how do you choose the right architect?

Selecting the right architect

  • Experience

Highly experienced architects bring crucial industry, design and construction knowledge to your project, providing cost-effective solutions that consider all elements that contribute to a successful design.

  • Good design skills

The right architect creates unique design outcomes rather than replicating out-of-the-box solutions. Architecture is personalised and not ‘one size fits all’. Choose an architect who listens to your vision and creates bespoke solutions that consider both form and function. Your ideal architect will deliver design outcomes that fit your project brief perfectly and will have considered all variables, including site constraints, aesthetics, functionality, buildability and budget.

  • Independence

Your architect should be autonomous and not conflicted by association with a builder or developer and able to provide valuable independent advice and advocacy throughout all stages of your project. Partner with an architect to receive the right, unbiased guidance.

  • Relationship

Choose an architect who will remain your direct contact throughout your project. Your architect should be invested in your project and available for you as your personal point of contact from concept design through to building handover. This direct relationship ensures consistent and effective communication to deliver a successful outcome.

  • Balance

Architecture is about achieving balance when delivering design outcomes. Overall aesthetic appeal is generally how we assess good design, but equally important are considerations such as practicality, function, sustainability, safety, economy and suitability for purpose.

At Lea Design Studio based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, principal architect John Lea ticks all of the boxes for partnering with you as your chosen architect.

With over three decades of practising all facets of architecture, including delivering local, national and international projects, John offers unrivalled expertise to his clients. He is particularly experienced in residential and resort design, with a plethora of successful projects completed in these spheres.

Having worked in many roles within the architectural profession throughout his career, including operating his own practice employing up to 30 staff, John brings a diverse range of experience to his clients. Working directly with property developers for the past 15 years, John has selected, engaged and managed numerous external architectural practices, including many internationally renowned firms. Working closely with these varied groups and experiencing firsthand their strengths and weaknesses, John has gained a unique insight into the profession that informs his own architectural practice, enhancing his design skillset and broadening his knowledge base.

John brings this wealth of diverse experience to his Gold Coast architectural practice, Lea Design Studio, offering autonomy and independence, as well as a direct relationship with his clients. John is your principal architect. He values building a collaborative and personal relationship with his clients and recognises that trust is an essential element of the design experience when bringing your project to life.

A creative architect, John is both adept and agile in delivering quality design outcomes. An avid and extensive traveller, John is at the forefront of design trends and knowledge of the latest in new materials and building technologies. Resort design often informs how we like to live, and as international design styles evolve, John delivers more than just fads and trends. With a focus on practical, creative design considering buildability and function, John can take your vision and make it an exciting reality.

Contact John at Lea Design Studio to deliver your next project with passion, precision and flair.



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