The architectural process is one that requires time to achieve the best results.

The period between initial client contact and handing over the keys to a completed project is generally many months, and for larger or more complex projects can often extend into years.

It is normally a linear progression of stages that ensures the design is developed methodically to achieve a well-considered and highly resolved design outcome.

On larger projects such as the one illustrated, the Architect also co-ordinates a team of consultants that may include multiple disciplines offering specialist services ranging from engineering to landscape design.

The design process however is only the beginning of the journey towards the ultimate goal of taking possession and occupying your completed building.

There are approvals to obtain. In most cases this may only require a Building Approval undertaken by a private certifier, whilst on other occasions, Town planning approvals may also be required. If the latter are required, then depending on the Council jurisdiction, time limits may be applicable that dictate the time frame for assessment.

Then there are various procurement options to consider, how to go about selecting and engaging a suitable builder for your project. 

Ultimately, the construction process commences, requiring management of the building contract through to completion, and then beyond until the designated defect liability period comes to an end.

As Architects we are experienced in all facets of this process from start to finish. 

We offer a range of professional services customised specifically to assist our clients in navigating what can sometimes seem like a complex maze.

To find out more about these services, they are detailed here.

The length of time required to complete a typical residential project varies depending on numerous factors including:

  • Design Complexity 
  • Building scale.
  • Specialist Consultants input required
  • Approval Process and jurisdiction.
  • Builder procurement option adopted.
  • Builder’s capacity
  • Client initiated design changes
  • Climate impacts / weather delays.
  • Material Supply chain disruptions.

It’s particularly satisfying therefore to successfully reach the end of a long project as we did recently with our Tallebudgera Valley Manor House.

From engagement to completion this project took almost 21/2 years. 

Whilst this was exceptional due to a complicated and lengthy development approval process, and the final stages of the build were delayed because of post covid supply chain issues, it does demonstrate that bespoke projects like this don’t happen overnight.

Nevertheless, our clients were very happy with the entire design and construction process managed on their behalf by LDS, and they are now enjoying living in their forever home in the beautiful Tallebudgera Valley. 

You can follow the journey from start to finish here


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